We Take Safety Scary Seriously

Because the concept of a "drive-thru haunted house" is so new, we've gotten a lot of questions about how it will work and how it will be safe.​ We encourage you to take the time to read about our event and the safety protocols we've implemented.

  • Scream n' Stream is an immersive theatrical experience. It's like watching a horror movie happening in real life, happening alongside the road, observed from the safety of your car. You drive under 3MPH. The road is flat and generally straight. It's just like a drive-thru Holiday Lights Display–except, instead of being "holly and jolly" it's, "creepy and freaky".

  • Performers will not be in the road with your vehicle in a performance capacity, ever. No one will approach your vehicle unless you are parked. Performers that do approach your vehicle will be wearing masks, due to the Pandemic.

  • You will use your headlights in "dim mode" for maximum theatrical effect. The road will be clearly marked with cones. There is no way to get lost or accidentally travel off the road. Operations attendants will be observing and guiding your car on occasion. There is one u-turn, one right turn, and one roundabout.

  • We will occasionally ask you to come to stop and park, sometimes using red/green traffic lights.

  • There is no excessive weaving required and no tight or interior spaces. There are no strobe lights or fog in the drive-thru experiences.

  • We are ultimately responsible for our show, performance, and operations and carry a $2 million general liability policy. However, just like in a parking structure or at a drive-thru Holiday Lights Display, the drivers are ultimately responsible for their driving. You must have a valid driver's license and active car insurance.


  • All drivers need to present a valid driver's license and active insurance.

  • All drivers will sign a liability waiver, either before arriving or before entering.

  • All passengers need their own legal seatbelt. No truck bed riding.

  • Vehicles with non-functioning headlights or non-functioning brake lights will not be admitted.

  • Vehicles must have at least 1/8th a tank of gas to be admitted.

  • Headlights should be used in dim mode at all times inside our Haunt.

  • Drivers must follow a posted speed limit of 3 MPH.

  • No honking or engine "revving". 

  • Drivers and their vehicles will be recorded on camera at all times throughout the experience.

  • Drivers must follow all posted signs and instructions from attendants.

  • Drivers not following the rules or engaging in unsafe behavior will have their vehicle removed from the event.

If you're interested, we'd like to explain what Scream n' Stream is and what it is not:

What Scream n' Stream is:

  • Scream n' Stream is an immersive theatrical experience using live performers, lighting, scenic, audio, and effects that are all witnessed alongside the road, from within your vehicle.

  • Scream n' Stream is a guided road marked with safety cones and signage. No one can get lost on the road at Scream n' Stream. There is no way to make a wrong turn.

  • Scream n' Stream is a slow-moving experience and at times you may stop. You will be directed to travel at speeds under 3 MPH and hover your foot over the brake. You will never need to use the gas pedal inside Scream n' Stream. There are no hills or fast parts.

  • Scream n' Stream is a flat, limestone road with some small potholes.

What Scream n' Stream is not:

  • Scream n' Stream is not a traditional haunted house. No one will be "in your face". No one will touch you, or your car. No one will grab you.

  • Scream n' Stream is not an interactive experience. Guests observe the action.

  • Scream n' Stream is not a maze. You cannot get lost.

We'd also like to go over some of our additional safety protocols with you:

  • All performers will wear reflective vests when walking to/from their scene location. They will remove these vests once they are safely in their scene.

  • Our performers will have the ability to communicate with our operations staff and pause the event at any time if they observe a safety concern.

  • Guests served alcohol at any point during an event night will be marked with two large X's on their hands with a permanent marker and will not be permitted to drive through our experiences.

Central Florida's most popular drive-thru Halloween event.

All Tickets are non-cancellable, non-transferable, and non-refundable.


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Parental Discretion Is Advised.

This event occurs rain or shine, but will pause during lightning.

Scream n' Stream is an outdoor event and offerings are subject to change as determined by weather and other factors.

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