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Five Ways to Stay Safe this Halloween Season

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Halloween season will soon be upon us. Families and friends will be excited to enjoy spooky season together, but with many still concerned about health and safety, traditional activities like crowded events and haunted houses might still feel worrisome.

Here are five suggestions for anyone looking for alternative activities to enjoy Halloween while still being mindful of Coronavirus concerns.

1. Trick Out Your Treats

Handing out candy is one of the best parts of Halloween. Consider socially-distanced treat distribution. Individually wrap up a few candies and place them in your yard or on your porch so there’s space between bags. You could even use an innovative treat dispenser system, such as a pipe or a scoop with a long handle!

haunted halloween road

2. Host the Party Outdoors

Staying outside is the best option for celebrating Halloween. When hosting, Food and drinks could be pre-packaged or in single servings. Keep hand sanitizer handy for yourself and guests. Set up chairs and tables that still allow for people to be social but also allow for social distancing.

3. Let your Creativity Scream

Think outside the box and get creative when it comes to celebrating Halloween. Host a virtual horror movie viewing party with your friends from the safety of your own homes or set up a screen and projector in the backyard for a drive-in movie experience. You could even host a zoom costume contest!

4. Masking It Up

If you're still wanting to wear a mask, considering designing a costume that incorporates it into your overall look. Some of the most popular characters, like Bane from Batman, Scavenger Rey from The Force Awakens, or Sister Night from HBO’s Watchmen, all have masks in their costumes.

5. Alternative Frights

Many companies have dreamed up alternative Halloween experiences that let families and friends enjoy the screams of Halloween, while still staying safe. Consider a haunted Halloween road, which can be experienced entirely inside your car.

Scream n' Stream has an all-new Haunted Drive-Thru for Halloween 2021 in Orlando, FL. Drive inside a top secret facility and blast your way out while zapping Zombies and Clowns with laser guns! You can get tickets here.


There is still a lot of uncertainty about what is to come but that’s no reason to cancel your spooky plans! With a little creativity, you can still have a frighteningly good time without putting your health or the health of others at risk.

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