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  • What is Scream n' Stream Haunted Drive-Thru Haunted House?
    Scream n' Stream is a haunted Halloween road experienced entirely in your car featuring live performers though a haunted drive with 7 different themes. A streaming or physical CD soundtrack in your car sets the mood for the experience. All tickets for Scream n' Stream include admission for everyone in your party to access our scare zone called The Haunted Lobby. The Lobby is where you check in to start your adventure. It's also where you can get up-close and personal with Monsters for selfies and TikToks, dance in THE FOG PIT, plus shop our limited edition merchandise, including themed non-alcoholic drinks. Optional attractions are available for additional charge, including private Fortune Telling sessions for $15 and a terror-sensory experience called Deprivation for $20.
  • Where can I get tickets?
    Tickets for Scream n' Stream 2022 are now on sale. Buy one ticket for each person in your car. Children 2 and under are free. We highly recommend you buy tickets online in advance so you can get the best price and secure your preferred date before it sells out.
  • Where is this located?
    Scream n 'Stream is located at The Florida Mall. 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32809 When you arrive, you must check in at "The Lobby". See the maps below for more details. If you bought a ticket that states this event is at The Oviedo Mall, your ticket is automatically valid at our new Florida Mall location. No changes are necessary. Simply arrive to The Florida Mall on the date/time stated on your ticket to check in.
  • Does the driver of the car need to show a valid drivers license and car insurance?
    Yes. When operating a motor vehicle in the State of Florida, you are legally required to have a valid driers license on your person, and valid, active car insurance for either the vehicle or the driver. The driver of your vehicle must show our team their valid, active drivers license and insurance, otherwise entry may be denied without a refund.
  • What are the dates of this event?
    Scream n' Stream is open on the following dates in October 2022. Our general operating hours are 7:30PM-10:30PM, however, operating hours may vary based on demand. Check in to Scream n' Stream begins as early as 7:00PM. Keep a look out. Dates may be added based on demand. Event schedule is subject to change.
  • What if I need to change my ticket after purchase?
    Our tickets usually do not permit changes of any kind. However, in some circumstances, we may be able to change the date of your ticket or your ticket type for a one-time fee of $15. There may be an additional cost required to change your date, as some dates cost more than others. If you change to a date that costs less than your original ticketed date, there shall be no refund. Once we are within 24 hours of your original ticketed date, changes to any ticket are typically not possible. Please note that we cannot accommodate changes due to illness. If you aren't feeling well, please text as (407) 552-4129 so we can process your check-in without you having to leave your car.
  • What types of vehicles are permitted?
    Scream n' Stream can accomodate most vehicles, from smart cars up to large SUVs and vans. MAXIMUM CLEARANCES FOR VEHICLES: 88" High 84" Width 237" Long Note that lifted or modified vehicles may not be permitted due to their height. Motorcycles are not allowed. Yes! Slingshots, topless Jeeps, Jeeps without doors, and other convertible type vehicles ARE permitted! All doors or tops must be fully removed from the vehicle before entering Scream n' Stream.
  • Is this suitable for children?
    Scream n' Stream contains: - Loud and sudden noises - Fog - Scary monsters - Fake blood and gore - Sudden appearances of characters Scream n' Stream does not contain: - Foul language - Nudity - Any sexually suggestive content The only person who can properly determine if Scream n' Stream is suitable for their child is the parent or guardian. Parental discretion is advised. Based on feedback from our two years of operation, many children from age 6 and up have enjoyed Scream n' Stream. They state that they felt a little more "safe" inside the car, so this is many children's first "scary" Halloween experience.
  • I bought a ticket, but didn't get any confirmation. Help!
    Please double check your junk mail / spam mail folder before reaching out to us. It's also possible you typed your email address incorrectly during the checkout process. If you still can't find your confirmation containing your QR code, please call or text us at (407) 552-4129 for assistance.
  • Will there be a line to enter?
    When you check-in to Scream n' Stream at THE LOBBY, your group will be placed on a virtual waitlist. We call groups to enter the drive-thru in the same order they go onto the waitlist. NOTE: There are separate waitlists for VIP ticket holders. VIP guests are prioritized. Normal wait times for our experience are between 30-45 minutes, however, our most popular times such as between 8P-10P on Fridays and Saturdays could see longer wait times. As long as you check-in before our attraction closes for the evening, we will accommodate everyone in line.
  • I want to use a Promo Code to buy tickets. How do I do that?
    You can enter a Promo Code during checkout anytime before you process final payment. Once tickets are purchased, there is no way for us to add a promo code later, so don't forget to enter it before you process payment.
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